COVID-19 Update: Artists’ Status and Appointment Rescheduling

March 21st, 2020 Posted by Latest News 0 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update: Artists’ Status and Appointment Rescheduling”

With the announcement of the mandatory closures of non-essential businesses in Ontario, High Tide has had to close. As we are unsure of how long the closure will last, each artist will be rescheduling their appointments on a week-to-week basis moving forward.  To get the most up-to-date information regarding each artist’s status, please check out their instagram pages, or shoot them an email if you have any questions:

MIKE  @hightide_mike (
SONYA  @sonya.hightide (
AMY  @aelizabeth13 (
RYAN  @ryanpooman (
HANNA  @lunarpixietattoos (

Thank you all for your understanding during these uncertain times.
Please stay safe and healthy!